232 & 301

  • 232 Exemption Requests

    QUESTION: We submitted several 232 steel exemption requests to BIS in late December. Although the shutdown did not help, we are well over the 90 day “review period” after receipt by BIS, and we have not received any information that CBP had any issues with the HTS codes, or that any of our data is […]

  • Section 232 Product Exclusion Request Granted – Timeline for Refunds

    QUESTION: Can anyone in the membership share their experience regarding the timeline to receive a retroactive refund on Section 232 duties paid, after an exclusion was granted and the PSC’s for refunds were submitted? Thank You! ========== Answer: We received most of ours 6-8 weeks after filing the PSC. We receive our refunds by direct […]


    QUESTION: Does anyone have direct knowledge of timeframe for receiving refunds one PSC has been filed and accepted for goods which were granted exclusion from Section 232 tariff? *************** Answers: We filed immediately and still wait for refunds. There is no guaranteed time line that I am aware of – you just have to wait […]

  • Non US Goods Returning to the US after being exported – Sect 232

    QUESTION: We have a shipment of Italian pipe that was originally import to the US and Sec 232 duties paid at that time. Pipe was exported to St. Croix to our customer. Upon arrival it was determined that the product was incorrect and needed to be returned back to the US. Can anyone in the […]


    QUESTION: We recently received an exclusion for Section 232. When we told our customs broker, we were told that they were unable to apply the exclusion to the entries going forward. In addition, they told me they cannot go back and receive the refunds from previous entries. The broker is telling me that CBP is […]

  • 3rd List Section 301 and increase in duty. Procedures for 3/2

    QUESTION: During the GAC (Government Affairs Conference) last year, it was discussed if would be possible to claim an entry date prior to 03/2/19 to take advantage of the lower Section 301 duty. Attendees were told this was possible by uploading the documents and a request to DIS prior to clearance. Has anyone heard about […]

  • Retrieving Section 301 duties when value is misreported

    QUESTION: I have a question about retrieving an over payment of section 301 duties when they were the result of an error on the 7501. We self-file our entries. We had a shipment of various fabrics from China. Some of them were under HTS that are not on any of the section 301 lists for […]

  • Question on exclusion requests from 301 tariffs

    QUESTION: Has anyone in the membership filed an exclusion request for 301 tariffs with positive results?  If so, can you provide some pointers?  ************** Answers: We have filed exclusion requests but we have as yet seen any results – positive or negative. The deadline for filing requests for items from list 1 was 09 October […]

  • How do the Section 301 Exclusions work?

    QUESTION: So, we have items that fall under one of the HTS just announced.  How do the refunds work?  Will CBP automatically refund us, similar to GSP or other adjustments, or do we need to file something?   What if we don’t receive our adjustments?  Appreciate any detailed information on how this works! ************* Answers: Not […]

  • Section 301 exclusions

    QUESTION: Has the USTR published the exclusion process for List 3?  Do you think one will be issued if it hasn’t yet?  Also, I’m not aware, but have any products been excluded so far? ========== Answers: The USTR has not issued anything official yet stating whether or not there will be an exclusion process for […]


    QUESTION: I have several customers asking for a copy of my 7501 and other import documents so they can verify the additional duty paid related to Section 301 imports from China. My documents show my inter-company pricing and we are not passing on the full amount of the duty increase. Obviously, I don’t want to […]

  • RULING NY N299096

    QUESTION: I am curious if others in the membership are as puzzled by this ruling (NY N299096). In my opinion, it essentially contradicts the NAFTA rules of origin laid out in 19 CFR 102 and furthermore suggests that the product can be marked “Made in Mexico” but the origin for Customs purposes is China. How […]